Take Advantage of Loan Pre-Qualification

The Advantages

Know how much house you can afford.
Know how much cash you will need for the down payment.
Simplifies pre-approval.

In today's active market place, it is important to have your financials in line in order to be seriously considered as a qualified buyer when making an offer. Given the scenario of two people expressing active interest in a home, the offer that is presented with the mortgage documentation in hand would be viewed more seriously than the deposit from a buyer that still must be screened. In addition, knowing your financial capabilities will help to determine the price range of homes you'll want to preview. Often a first time buyer will be surprised to find the options available to them once this screening is completed.

As your agent, I will help you pre-qualify. Items considered when pre-qualifying for a mortgage loan include:

  • Employment History
  • Credit History and Scores
  • Monthly Income and Expenses

With my knowledge of the mortgage market, I'll help you make an informed decision as to the type of loan you'll want. There are many different types of loans to consider - FHA, VA, Conventional and even Bad Credit Loans. We'll find the best loan for your situation.

I have prepared a simple form with the basic criteria presented to allow the first time buyer to assemble their financial paperwork. Once these items are assembled, you would be able to determine you home range, and get an understanding of the types of financing available.

For a copy of this form, click here.

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